Specials in Laurel Maryland

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The Laurel, Maryland Red Hot & Blue Restaurant Is Offering Some Smokin’ Hot Specials!



Many fast food and quick casual restaurants are adding Barbecue sandwiches to their offerings but they are only trying to imitate Red Hot & Blue’s award-winning: Real Meat. Real Smoke. Real ‘Que. formula – authentic Memphis-style barbecue using hickory logs, low temperature and long cooking times with only top quality meats and ingredients. You won’t find real, authentic, slow, hickory-smoked Pork, Chicken and Beef at these other restaurants. And BBQ connoisseurs know the real thing – and they choose Red Hot & Blue. Because, after all, what do sub, sandwich and burger joints know about smoking their own meats? Red Hot & Blue has always specialized in perfectly smoked meats.


Red Hot and Blue Restaurants, Inc. has been named year-after-year in the top “Best Barbecue Chains in America” according to The Daily Meal. The Daily meal editors sifted through regional preferences to funnel the most popular chains in his list of 10 Best Barbecue chains in America. Criteria for selection was based on: local renown, consistency of food across all the locations, adherence to traditional barbecue techniques like “low and slow” on-premise smoking, atmosphere and most importantly, if the food tastes good. The 2017 article may found online at:


About Red Hot & Blue Barbecue Restaurants, Incorporated:

Red Hot & Blue first opened in the Washington D.C. area nearly 30 years ago. The authentic Memphis-style Barbeque chain’s mission is to “serve only the best quality barbeque in a fun, casual atmosphere surrounded by blues music and memorabilia.” Red Hot & Blue has 18 locations in 6 states: Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia.

Red Hot & Blue is the your headquarters for “REAL MEAT. REAL SMOKE. REAL ‘QUE”

For more information, visit http://www.redhotandblue.com

For additional information or franchise opportunities, please contact: Randy McCann, President, Red Hot & Blue Restaurants, Inc., 154 Charlois Boulevard, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 27103. Phone: 336-714-1515; E-mail rmccann@rjdmgt.com. The general web site for Red Hot & Blue Restaurants is www.redhotandblue.com