Become a Club Member

Jun 12, 2019 | Annapolis

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘club’? A group of people who share the same interest? Perhaps, it’s exclusive and you have to meet certain expectations to be a part of the association. Maybe you need to know a secret handshake or are otherwise privy to some private information that allows you entry while others are prohibited from being a member.

Well, today, many retailers offer club opportunities and they are nothing like the clubs of old. Nearly anyone in the ‘business of business’ has gotten wise to the value of finding ways to entice the consumer to take advantage of their wares in a mutually beneficial marketing environment.
Red, Hot & Blue Annapolis is no different! We want you to make us your first choice when you think about dining out. So, to help ensure this possibility we have created a club especially for you – the barbecue lover! It’s easy to join, just click on the RHB Club button and enter some basic information. We promise not to bombard you with unnecessary fluff; no one likes their email filled up with spam! Our questions are designed to allow us to tailor our club offerings to you!
Here are just a few of the freebies you can expect!
• Exclusive discounts. This means we will be sending you concessions and deductions you may use at the time of purchase. They usually apply to eating in or dining out and may even extend to our catering services. We want to be a part of your dining experience and are sure that you will appreciate the reduction in prices.
• Coupons. A coupon is a voucher that entitles the holder to a reduction in the price of the product. Where once couponing required spending hours clipping paper coupons from news and magazines today it has gone high-tech. Coupons are usually swiped right off your phone and may be enhanced through tagging them with a similar product. Red, Hot & Blue Annapolis provides coupons to their club members that result in significant savings – doubling your enjoyment of dining at our establishment!
Red, Hot & Blue Annapolis club members receive a variety of ongoing offers through email that are designed to remind you we are a delightful and unique eating establishment that caters to families and friends. So think of us the next time you head out the door for a memorable meal! Red, Hot and Blue Annapolis is at your service!