Memphis Style in Maryland

Jun 19, 2019 | Annapolis

Tucked away just five miles from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge lies Annapolis’ best barbeque restaurant, Red Hot and Blue Annapolis.  A well-known treasure to all Annapolitans, Red Hot and Blue Annapolis specializes in the best Memphis Style Barbeque in the state of Maryland.  While all barbeque is delicious, not all barbeque is created equal.  There are a number of different prolific barbeque styles in the United States, but Red Hot and Blue Annapolis has perfected Memphis Style Barbeque.

While Red Hot and Blue Annapolis has the most tender, juicy, and delicious barbeque chicken around, and the Burnt Ends are to die for, Memphis Style Barbeque starts with the pork.  Whether it be pork ribs, or the famous pulled pork, Memphis Style Barbeque was born by perfecting its pork dishes.  The Memphis Style flavor starts with the rub.  The slow-smoked pork is seasoned with a dry rub that, while the full recipe remains a closely guarded secret, begins and ends with Paprika.  The Paprika gives the pork a decadent red color before sauce gets brought into the equation.  The complex Memphis flavor consists of a number of different spices, and does not rely upon being neither sweet nor spicy.  Memphis Style Barbeque is savory and tangy.  All of the amazing items served at Red Hot and Blue Annapolis are available served dry, with nothing but the rub to give the food a flavor that will leave you coming back for more.  Being in Maryland, you should definitely try the Maryland Style Old Bay rub, as well.

When I think barbeque, I think sauce.  There is nothing better than a rack of wet ribs that fall right off the bone.  A traditional Memphis Style sauce, once again, is neither sweet nor spicy.  The sauce is made from a tomato and vinegar mixture that is accented by a hint of mustard.  While born from Memphis Style traditions, Red Hot and Blue Annapolis offers a variety of different sauces guaranteed to please the different tastes of everyone.  The house sauce, the Mojo Mild, is a traditional Memphis Style sauce made the Red Hot and Blue way.  Red Hot and Blue Annapolis also offers a Sufferin’ Sweet barbeque sauce, a Bourbon Molasses glaze that is made with a hint of peppers, a brown sugar based Kansas City Style sauce, and my personal favorite, Big Mama’s Mustard sauce.  No matter what style of barbeque you like, Red Hot and Blue Annapolis has something for you.  For more information about the best Memphis Style Barbeque you will ever have, please visit Or contact us at (410) 626-7427.