Red Hot & Blue Goes with…Everything!

Mar 23, 2020 | Annapolis

Spring is ramping up and so are the warm weather activities! Days are getting longer, you can feel the warm sunshine (occasionally) beating down and it’s almost jacket weather. We think that anticipating those warm summer months is nothing short of an American pastime. You can see people wandering nurseries in search of new plant life for their yard and browsing home improvement stores for paint swatches.

Then, of course, there are all the summer activities that keep people hopping out of bed to face the day. Golf, baseball, summer soccer, swimming, softball, hiking, biking…the list is endless! Well, we have something that goes perfect with any sport or holiday. It’s Red Hot & Blue Annapolis of course!

Red Hot & Blue Annapolis offers just the right fare to pack away for a picnic if you are planning an outing that takes you ‘far from the maddening crowd’. Your meal will be served in disposable containers with cutlery, plates and cups so it’s ready when you are. Or, you might prefer to join us by dining in after 18 holes or a particularly exciting team event that found you on the winning (or losing) end. Our wait staff has been privy to the tail end of many a story about how the ‘ball just got away’ or ‘taking that last hill of a twenty-mile bike ride almost didn’t happen’. Somehow, near misses and total wins always seem to be more memorable over a plate of ribs or a southern fried seafood platter along with a margarita and banana pudding for dessert.

And that’s what we mean by ‘Red Hot & Blue Annapolis goes with everything! Summer, winter, spring or fall – at the beginning of the day or the end, weekdays or weekends, we are always the perfect complement. So, as the days get longer and you and your loved ones or friends start making plans for events that fill your free time – make sure you add Red Hot & Blue Annapolis to the list! We would love it if you ‘take us along’…or make us part of the party! Better yet, put us on speed dial or download our app. Then we’re just a touch away from providing you with the best meal you may eat all week!