A Lesson in ‘Memphis Style’ Food

Sep 5, 2020 | Memphis Style BBQ

We at Red Hot & Blue like to ‘throw around’ terms that are indicative of a certain style of cooking. When a customer recently asked our staff to define what is meant by ‘Memphis style’ we decided it was time to offer up a quick lesson in the type of cuisine found on our menus.

Different Types

‘Pulled’ pork and chicken. The term ‘pulled’ means that the meat is cooked so long and slow that it can be pulled easily from the bone. Research shows that ‘pulled’ meat in general is a growing food trend around the United States. It is most often associated with Mexican and Texas cooking and is effective for beef, pork and chicken. Pulled meat is finding its way into tacos, pizza and even stir fry.

‘Memphis-style’ barbecue. According to food experts, there are four different and distinct styles of barbecue in the United States including Texas, Kansas City, Carolina and ‘Memphis’. Memphis-style barbecue is most often used on pork cuts of meat – specifically the ribs and/or shoulder – but beef and chicken can also be used too. Memphis style barbecuing is always cooked slowly in a pit.

‘Dry’ rub. A ‘dry rub’ is a mixture of spices and herbs that may include sugar and salt that is rubbed directly into the meat before it is cooked.

‘Smoked’ meat. The term ‘smoked’ indicates the process of using smoke to flavor, cook and/or preserve the food. There are several ‘smoked’ meats on the Red Hot & Blue menu including turkey and sausage. Usually red meat is the most common food to be ‘smoked’ but fish and white meat can also be smoked.

Now that you are better educated about our fare we invite you to enjoy the fine food offered at Red Hot & Blue! We’ll be waiting for you!