How About a Drink?

Sep 21, 2020 | Annapolis

People come to Red Hot & Blue Annapolis because they enjoy a taste of the south – and a Memphis blues barbecue restaurant meets the requirements! Every item on the menu at Red Hot & Blue Annapolis is designed to introduce your palate to the harmony of southernly flavors that can be enjoyed from the beginning to the end of the meal. And what better way to start off your dining experience than with one of our ‘southern-style’ cocktails! Here’s a quick review of the mixed drinks that will have you reminiscing about parasols and romance.

  • An original margarita consists of tequila, lime juice and orange liquer. It can be ‘shaken’ with ice, which is called ‘on the rocks’, served ‘straight up’ or without ice, and ‘blended’ with ice – making it a ‘frozen margarita’. Margaritas are served in a special glass designed for this drink called a ‘margarita glass’. It is large and rounded with a broad rim. The rim is usually salted all the way around giving the drink a delicious variety of flavors from sweet to salty.

Red Hot & Blue Annapolis offers three ‘named margaritas on the menu. Each uses a high-brand tequila and may be flavored in peach, strawberry or mango. We also offer the option of having a Grand Marnier floater added for a nominal fee.

Our margaritas will transport you to thoughts of humid afternoons, softly whirring fans and the smell of honeysuckle in the air.

  • Orange or Grapefruit Crush. Rumor has it the vodka-infused drink originated in Maryland, one of the most revered Southern states! An orange crush is a mix of vodka (top-shelf), orange juice and crushed ice while the grapefruit crush is made with grapefruit vodka. These drinks may have been designed to beat back the summer heat, but they are delicious all year round.

To round out our ‘named’ alcoholic beverages we offer the sophisticated Manhattan, a peach drink made with whiskey and a palate-pleasing sangria that is a blend of a variety of flavors including wines, blackberry brandy, fresh fruit and a squeeze of juice.

All of our alcoholic beverages are made from only the finest ingredients and complement our meals – whether you are here for a quick appetizer or a full three-course meal. The staff at Red Hot & Blue Annapolis invite you to try one of our renowned southern drinks – we look forward to serving you!