Honoring Tradition

Nov 10, 2021 | Red Hot & Blue

Two traditions celebrated at Red Hot & Blue are great American BBQ and Blues inspired music. From the inception of our brand over 30 years ago, until today, both rustic jewels of true Americana remain our passion, inspiration, and culture. Staying true to time-honored practices, like slow smoking meats over real wood, is something that is in our blood. The same is true with the atmosphere and music at Red Hot & Blue. Our guests have come to expect an experience that is comfortably blues laden with southern hospitality, and just the right amount of wood smoke in the air.

The roots of American BBQ run deep. More than just a cooking method, it is a gathering, a family or community event, and celebration. When considering the music different parts of the country know as their own regional “folk” inspired favorites, it is not surprising to see BBQ associated with other genres beyond Blues. From Country to Americana, Folk to Zydeco, these stories are intertwined and rich in our history and culture. Like any great recipe, our current playlist offers dashes of each of these ingredients, yielding an enjoyable and diverse musical stew for our guests.

On a lonely night in 1903, W.C. Handy, the African American leader of a dance orchestra, got stuck waiting for a train in the hamlet of Tutwiler, Mississippi. With hours to kill and nowhere else to go, Handy fell asleep on a hard wooden bench at the empty depot. When he awoke, a ragged black man was sitting next to him, singing about “goin’ where the Southern cross the Dog” and sliding a knife against the strings of a guitar. The musician repeated the line three times and answered with his instrument.


Intrigued, Handy asked what the line meant. It turned out that the tracks of the Yazoo & Mississippi Valley Railroad, which locals called the Yellow Dog, crossed the tracks of the Southern Railroad in the town of Moorehead, where the musician was headed, and he’d put it into a song.



Listening to the Blues, Soul, and Americana artists of today, we are not the only ones celebrating the past while looking towards the future. Modern greats like Tedeschi Trucks Band, Joe Bonamassa, Gary Clark Jr, St. Paul and the Broken Bones, Eric Gales, and Marcus King Band are carrying the torch forward and amazing listeners. These artists, along with many other current touring acts, have been added to our custom playlists at all locations. From the rolling hills of Texas to the Carolina Coastal Plains, and banks of the mighty Mississippi, this next generation of soul singers and guitar slingers are keeping a precious tradition alive and well.

Like any great story there are many chapters to enjoy. From the preface to the end, it is a journey for us to immerse ourselves in and become part of. Both BBQ and Blues music are rich stories, with humble beginnings, fascinating pages, and chapters still being written. We are excited to share our love of BBQ and Blues with you while adding our pages. Stop in to see us soon and take in our version both. Enjoy the food, music, and service!