Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Red Hot & Blue Annapolis

Feb 7, 2022 | Annapolis

Brisket may not be what you consider first for a romantic meal. However, we are going to make some strong points below so you can open your mind about sharing BBQ with your loved one for dinner on Valentine’s Day.

Dinner on Valentine’s Day usually means spending quality time with a loved one or someone who is of romantic interest. A great dining experience can bring two people much closer together as they enjoy several courses of great food.

What will make a Valentine’s Day dinner memorable is the warm atmosphere, delicious food, and refreshing drinks at Red Hot & Blue Annapolis. We get straight A’s for all three and will help make your Valentine’s Day a success with the one you love.

Modern Southern BBQ for Valentine’s

BBQ restaurants that are small smokehouses are becoming the exception. Although you want down-home classics, many couples will prefer a more romantic venue that is still casual.

Red Hot & Blue Annapolis combines all that you love about traditional BBQ with a modern approach. You will be served superb hickory smoked BBQ, along with a wide variety of tasty side dishes to choose from.

Starters & BBQ Plates

Whatever your taste in starters, the selections at Red Hot & Blue Annapolis will have what you’re looking for. Our starters are a great way to rev up a couple’s appetite for Memphis style BBQ. To get romantic, share an onion basket, smoked chicken wings, catfish fingers, or BBQ nachos with your date.

Red Hot & Blue Annapolis BBQ Plates are served with two sides. Try their delicious pulled pork, Texas brisket, pulled chicken, smoked sausage, Memphis half chicken, and smoked turkey breast. They have a wide choice of sides, ranging from traditional collard greens to mac ‘n’ cheese. We encourage sharing your plate with your significant other.

Check out their menu for a complete selection: Red Hot & Blue Menu

Red Hot & Blue Annapolis Highlights

Founded in 1988, Red Hot & Blue Annapolis is a full-service, casual-themed restaurant chain and caterer featuring delicious award-winning ribs, Memphis-style barbecue, smoked wings, and Southern sides and desserts.

The atmosphere is steeped in legendary and contemporary blues music and delivers a large dose of Southern hospitality in a fun and entertaining dining environment. Bring your friends and family to our warm and friendly Annapolis location today!