Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day With at Red Hot & Blue

Mar 10, 2022 | Annapolis

St. Patrick’s Day falls every year on March 17th, the day the saint died in 493 A.D. The holiday is celebrated globally by people of Irish descent. Considered the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick introduced Christianity to the natives there in the fifth century.

There is also a legend that St. Patrick banished snakes from the Emerald Isle. However, there isn’t a biological record of snakes having ever crawled on the windswept and rainy island. He is also known for making the shamrock a popular Irish symbol by using a three-leafed clover when preaching to his Irish flock about the Holy Trinity.

Regarding what to eat, St. Patrick’s Day lands right in the middle of Lent, which is a period of fasting and dietary restraint for Christians throughout the world, including the Irish. It is interesting that prohibitions on drinking alcohol and dining on meat are not applicable on St. Patrick’s Day. Irish Catholics have dined on meat to honor their patron saint during Lent since the 11th century.

The Irish describe what they eat on the holiday as “St. Patrick’s Fish”, but it is roast pork in reality. This trickery is based on a humorous story about St. Patrick hiding a slice of pork during Lent just in case he wouldn’t be unable to stick to eating fish during Lent.

Despite his saintliness, St. Patrick decided to take a bite of the meat. An avenging angel then flew down from heaven and forced St. Patrick to hurl the forbidden pork into a river. Strangely, the pork did not sink to the bottom. Magically, it transformed into a fish and swam away. A legend claims that on March 17th of every year, the fish ascend from the dark depths and pay homage at St. Patrick’s altar.

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