Is BBQ Healthy?

Oct 3, 2022 | BBQ

We all want to make good choices when it comes to eating healthy, but for most people, the perception of what qualifies as healthy leaves us with bland and boring options. Let us talk briefly about how BBQ can be an option that checks the healthy and flavorful boxes.

When selecting proteins and looking at ways to impart flavor, grilling or smoking are at the top of most lists. In lieu of sautéing in oils or deep frying, smoking adds layers of depth and flavor to meats. Chicken and turkey are exceedingly popular substitutes for fattier beef cuts and yield a delicious result when smoked. Not only does smoking meats add flavor, but when carefully and skillfully done, it can help keep them tender and healthier than other cooking methods. Fried foods for example, while very popular in American culture, are associated with negative impacts on our overall health.

Is BBQ Healthy?

Is BBQ Healthy?

So, what are the different benefits of smoked meat?

Rich In Protein

Smoked meat is rich in protein which is quite significant for your health. In addition, it helps build muscles, which is why most health-freaks and bodybuilders consume it more than often.

Provide Nutrients

Do you know that different kinds of smoked meats have high levels of valuable nutrients and minerals? For example, when cooked at low heat, smoked food retains its nutrients which helps to build a robust immune system. In addition, smoked fish like salmon is also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for your blood.

Low-Fat Content

Since smoking meat doesn’t require extra cooking oil, you get less fat in your final dish. So, as opposed to frying or cooking meat, smoking reduces fat absorption and makes the resultant product healthy.

BBQ can be a healthier option than many other commonly used cooking methods. Starting with quality ingredients and avoiding hot temperatures, smoking helps reduce many of the risks associated with over-charring meats. When it comes to flavor, slow smoking wins out against the more commonly thought-of cooking methods such as boiling or steaming. BBQ is a healthier way to cook than sautéing or deep frying, although all methods impart enjoyable textures and flavors.

As the saying goes, everything should be enjoyed in moderation. Although for me, that’s not easy when it comes to BBQ. Making good choices about what defines a healthy diet is an individual decision. When comparing BBQ to other food options, one thing that dissuades most of us is the amount of time and love required to prepare it. Especially when using the Low and Slow smoking technique Red Hot and Blue has mastered over the past three decades. It can take hours of prep and cook time to achieve the desired results. We have that part covered and have done all the heavy lifting for you. All that’s left for you to do is grab some of our Que and enjoy.