Taste The Smoke: Part 1

Dec 19, 2022 | Annapolis

Everyone loves to dig into a big plate of slow-cooked barbeque full of tender, flavorful meat. However, not all barbeque is created equally. Barbeque is best when it is smoked low and slow for several hours. The process of smoking infuses the meat with extra flavor and allows it to get that characteristic barbeque taste we all know and love. Red Hot & Blue knows our smoked meats. We have been the premier barbeque restaurant for over 33 years and have perfected our meat-smoking process.

Why is meat smoked?

Smoking meat infuses it with a smoky flavor that is hard to beat. It is only possible to replicate the taste with a painstaking process of smoking meat for an extended period. It is a labor of love that pays dividends with a melt-in-your-mouth piece of barbeque. Red Hot & Blue is known for its irresistible smoked meats. Our ribs, barbeques, and chicken have all been slow-cooked to perfection using a slow smoke process.

Believe it or not, there is also a “right” type of smoke. Smoke from a fast-burning, scorching fire will produce the wrong kind of smoke. This smoke will infuse the meat with a bitter, oily flavor profile. The best smoke is created when the wood logs are burned at a low temperature. A low temperature also extends the cooking time, which results in a more tender barbeque.

Why does wood-type matter?

While wood may all look the same on the outside, the type of wood does matter in the final flavor of smoke meat. For example, Red Hot & Blue uses hickory to smoke our barbeque. Hickory lends a savory and hearty flavor to meat when smoked. It almost adds the taste of bacon to the meat, which makes it the perfect companion to pork products.

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