Taste The Smoke: Part 2

Dec 27, 2022 | Annapolis

Good-tasting barbeque takes a lot of work to come by. Barbeque cannot cook in just an hour or two and requires specialized equipment, such as a smoker. The process of smoking can be very technical and requires patience and skill to achieve a tender piece of barbeque. Red Hot & Blue has spent the past three decades perfecting our barbeque recipes. Our tender, delicious barbeque is smoked in-house for an extended period to achieve its mouthwatering flavor.

What is the smoke ring?

Have you ever cut into a freshly smoked piece of meat and wondered why it contains a pink ring? Under normal circumstances, pink meat indicates raw or uncooked meat. However, a pink ring means something completely different in the smoking world. A pink ring occurs due to a chemical reaction during the smoking process. The meat is entirely safe, and we encourage you to dig in!

How long should meat be smoked?

Smoking meat is both an art and a science. The longer that meat is smoked, the more smoke flavor will permeate into the meat. However, meat should not be smoked for too long, or the smoke flavor will become overbearing. The smoker’s internal temperature must also be properly maintained because going too hot or too cold in the smoker will impact the length of time it takes to cook through the meat.

Meat must hit a high enough internal temperature to be safe for consumption. The exact internal temperature will depend on the type of meat smoked because chicken, pork, and beef have varying cook temperatures.

Visit Red Hot & Blue for an Unforgettable Meal

Red Hot & Blue has perfected our recipes for the various award-winning barbeques offered. All our meat is smoked low and slow to maximize its flavor profile. Rather than spending 12+ hours of your precious time messing with your smoker at home, let us take care of the cooking for you. Please call our Annapolis, Maryland location at 410-626-7427 to inquire about a reservation.