Melt In Your Mouth Brisket – Texas Style!

Jan 6, 2023 | Annapolis

Brisket is one of those cuts of meat that only a few cook frequently. Unless you regularly smoke meat, you may not have cooked a brisket before. Cooked brisket is known by several different names, such as pastrami, corned beef, or even burnt ends. Smoking a brisket is a slow process that creates an incredibly juicy and flavorful piece of meat. Red Hot & Blue Annapolis is known for our mouthwatering Texas brisket.

What is a brisket?

A brisket comes from a cow, and it is cut from the breast area. A brisket is made from two distinct sections, the flat and the point. The flat is the bottom part of the brisket, and it is the tougher piece of the brisket due to the lack of fat. The point sits on top of the flat, and it is full of fat and flavor.

When shopping in a supermarket, most cuts of meat that are labeled as brisket solely consist of the flat. The point has been trimmed away and sold separately. The flat part of the brisket is best cooked braised or in a liquid broth, rather than smoked, because it needs all the moisture it can get. At Red Hot & Blue Annapolis, we smoke the entire brisket, both flat and point, to create a flavorful and delicious piece of meat. When the entire brisket is smoked together, it is referred to as a Texas brisket.

Best Cooked Low & Slow

Red Hot & Blue Annapolis specializes in smoking meat to perfection. We have spent the last several decades fine-tuning our smoked meat recipes. Our Texas brisket is smoked for roughly 12 hours at a low temperature. Smoking meat at a low temperature allows it time to develop flavor and break down the tough connective tissue, resulting in meat that melts in your mouth. Cranking up the heat on your smoker will bring your meat up to the proper temperature faster, but it will not result in the same flavor. Smoking is a labor of love, and Red Hot & Blue Annapolis pours its heart and soul into every brisket we smoke. Please contact us at 410-626-7427 to schedule a reservation or inquire about our hours of operation.