Chicken Wings: Battle Of The Sauces

Apr 3, 2023 | Annapolis

Chicken wings are as much of an American staple as baseball and football. Chicken wings are served at all the best sporting events and are a classic comfort food. However, not all chicken wings are made on the same level. Red Hot & Blue has created the perfect chicken wing by throwing them on the smoker and finishing them off in the fryer.

Juicy, Tender Chicken Wings
The chicken wings at Red Hot & Blue have a distinct flavor due to our cooking method. We specialize in our low-and-slow smoked meats. Why not cook our chicken wings the same way? We start the chicken wings in the smoker to impart that distinct smoky flavor and get the inside juicy and tender. Once the chicken wings are pulled off the smoker, we throw them in the fryer. We toss the chicken wings when they are fresh out of the fryer and immediately run them out to your table. This gets the outside crispy and ready for you to tear into.

Chicken Wing Rubs and Sauces
A chicken wing is only complete with a sauce or a rub. At Red Hot & Blue, you can customize your jumbo wings by choosing your desired spices. We offer the following rubs and sauces:

  • RHR Rub
  • Mojo Mild BBQ
  • Buffalo
  • Sufferin’ Sweet
  • Double Trouble
  • Smokin’ Hot
  • Bourbon-Molasses

Mix and match sauces to create the perfect plate of chicken wings. Make an entrée from our smoked chicken wings or enjoy them as an appetizer. You are bound to find something you like across our vast menu selection. Pair our chicken wings with one of our southern sides for an out-of-this-world meal. We recommend grandma’s potato salad, BBQ baked beans, or cole slaw to go with your chicken wings.

Come for a Plate of Chicken Wings
No matter how you prefer your chicken wings, we got you covered. Our wings are juicy and crispy because of our double cooking method. We offer a wide selection of sauces and rubs for your wings. Visit our Annapolis location for a ten-piece or 20-piece plate of chicken wings. Please call our restaurant at 410-626-7427 to inquire about daily specials or to make a reservation.