Enjoy A Bowl Of Hearty Chili Or Stew To Warm Your Soul

Apr 10, 2023 | Annapolis

Spring is officially here, with summer right around the corner. Birds are chirping, flowers are budding out, and April showers are in full force. However, that does not mean you must forgo classic winter comfort foods. A bowl of chili or stew is perfect for enjoying a chilly spring evening. Red Hot & Blue always has a pot of our world-famous chili and stew waiting for you at our restaurant.

You Cannot Go Wrong with Our Chili
Anyone can open a can of chili beans and warm them up in the microwave. However, our Red Hot & Blue chefs would call that blasphemy rather than chili. We start with only the most premium ingredients when we make our chili base. Our chefs soak the kidney beans and cook them perfectly to taste. We add freshly sourced tomatoes, a smidgen of jalapeños and top them off with our smoked Texas brisket.

Our Texas briskets are all smoked “low and slow” to create the most tender and juicy meat possible. When you smoke a brisket at a low temperature for 12 – 13 hours, it allows the connective tissues to break down and become tender. Rushing a brisket will result in a challenging piece of shoe leather.

Enjoy Our Timeless Stew
Our signature stew is slow-cooked and made fresh daily. The components of our stew include our pulled pork, pulled chicken, and our famous smoked Texas brisket. Most of our meats are smoked using hickory wood for a classic, rich smoky flavor. This flavor will incorporate into the slow-cooked stew, making you return for seconds. We also add potatoes, corn, and tomatoes to finish the stew.

Make a Reservation at Red Hot & Blue
Some days you need a big bowl of comfort food. Red Hot & Blue has our kettles full of chili and stew, and they are waiting for you to come in. We offer a curbside pickup service and a local delivery service. Please call our Annapolis location at 410-626-7427 to inquire about seating availability or to place a to-go order.