The 4 Famous Types Of BBQ: Part 1

May 9, 2023 | Annapolis

It is no surprise that each region has developed its unique style of barbecue. Barbecue has a long and rich history in the South and is an American staple in Southern cuisine. Red Hot & Blue is known for its authentic Memphis-style barbecue and Texas brisket. However, in addition to Memphis and Texas-style barbecue, there are two other famous barbecue styles, which we will discuss in Part 2.

Memphis Style Barbecue
The signature barbecue at Red Hot & Blue was born out of the South. We cook fall-off-the-bone pork daily using our world-famous low-and-slow smoking method. Pulled pork barbecue is made by smoking a pork shoulder because they have enough fat content to give them a rich, tender flavor.

Our barbecue is hand pulled when it comes off the smoker and delivered fresh to your table. Please choose from our seven delicious sauces or enjoy a delightful Memphis-style pulled pork sandwich.

Texas Style Barbecue
Texas is predominately known for its juicy and tender brisket. A brisket is another name for the breast meat of a cow. It is a cut of meat full of connective tissue and can be challenging if not prepared correctly. Red Hot & Blue has perfected the art of smoking a Texas-style brisket. We smoke our brisket for 12 – 13 hours using our proprietary rub.

This slow cooking process gives time for the connective tissue to break down. The fat slab on the brisket provides the rest of the meat a symphony of flavor as it smokes. A Texas brisket can be enjoyed plain or with one of our many sauce options.

Put Red Hot & Blue on Friday’s Dining Menu
Red Hot & Blue has you covered if you are hungry for a big flavor. We are famous for our variety of smoked meats and signature sauces. You can sample our smoked meats until you find the one that speaks to your soul. If this is your first time dining with Red Hot & Blue, you can select one of our meat sampler platters. If you are ready to make a reservation at our Annapolis restaurant, please call us at 410-626-7427.