What is Memphis Chicken? The Savory Secret of the South!

Sep 20, 2023 | Annapolis, BBQ, Red Hot & Blue

When you hear about the culinary delights of Memphis, your mind might instantly go to barbecue ribs, pulled pork, or even Elvis Presley’s favorite peanut butter and banana sandwich. But there’s another gem in the city’s culinary crown that deserves attention – Memphis Chicken. Dive in with us as we explore what makes this dish unique, how it differs from other Southern chicken recipes, and why it’s gaining so much popularity.

Origins and Definition

Memphis Chicken is not just any ordinary chicken dish. This flavorful recipe hails from the heart of Tennessee and carries with it the spirit of Memphis – a city known for its rich music heritage, vibrant culture, and mouth-watering food.

While there isn’t a single definitive recipe for Memphis Chicken, the common thread is its seasoning. The blend usually consists of a mix of dry rub ingredients synonymous with Memphis barbecue. Think paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper, and other spices that give it a robust and spicy kick.

Memphis Chicken vs. Other Southern Chicken Dishes

The South boasts numerous iconic chicken dishes, from Nashville Hot Chicken to fried chicken with country gravy. So, what sets Memphis Chicken apart?

  1. The Dry Rub: Unlike Nashville Hot Chicken, which is typically drenched in a spicy sauce, Memphis Chicken primarily focuses on a spicy and flavorful dry rub.
  2. Cooking Techniques: While deep-frying is a favored method for many Southern chicken dishes, Memphis Chicken can be grilled, baked, or fried. This versatility means you can enjoy its flavors in various forms – from crispy wings to succulent grilled thighs.
  3. Balanced Heat: Memphis Chicken is flavorful with a nice kick, but it doesn’t necessarily set your mouth on fire. It strikes a beautiful balance between spice and flavor.

Why is Memphis Chicken Gaining Popularity?

  1. Versatility: As mentioned earlier, you can cook it in multiple ways. This makes it suitable for various occasions, including a summer barbecue or a cozy indoor dinner.
  2. Unique Flavor Profile: The blend of spices in the dry rub offers a taste that stands out. It’s different from the typical spicy or fried chicken and offers a unique taste profile that people love.
  3. Adaptable Heat Levels: For those who like their chicken on the milder side, the heat level can be easily adjusted by tweaking the amount of cayenne pepper or adding other milder spices.

Memphis Chicken is a testament to the fact that the culinary world of Memphis goes beyond pork barbecue. Its rich, flavorful profile and adaptable heat levels make it a favorite for many. Whether hosting a get-together or simply enjoying a quiet meal, Memphis Chicken promises a delightful experience that’ll transport you straight to the heart of Tennessee.

So, next time you think of chicken, why not give this Memphis specialty a shot? You might discover your new favorite dish!

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