Ignite Your Appetite with Red Hot & Blue’s Starters!

Jan 12, 2024 | Annapolis, BBQ, News

When you step into Red Hot & Blue, you’re not just walking into any restaurant; you’re entering a realm where flavors are bold, the atmosphere is charged, and every bite is a testament to traditional Southern charm. Your culinary journey begins with our carefully crafted starters, designed to prime your palate for the feast that awaits.


Kick things off with our Onion Basket, an ode to simplicity done spectacularly. These aren’t just any onions; these are hand-selected, sliced thick, lightly battered, and fried to a golden crisp. The result is a textural wonderland, where the batter crunch gives way to the sweet, tender onion within. Each bite is a harmonic convergence of taste and touch.


Our Smokin’ Wings are a labor of love, a fusion of our secret blend of spices and the gentle kiss of smoke. These jumbo wings are tender, meaty, and infused with a smoky depth that only hours in our smoker can achieve. Served piping hot, they’re a bold statement of our dedication to the craft of smoking meats.


The Fried Pickles are a playful twist on a Southern classic. Dill pickles are hand-breaded with a unique blend of spices and fried to a crispy perfection. The tang of the pickle contrasts beautifully with our BBQ ranch, creating a dance of familiar and delightfully unexpected flavors.


Our Catfish Fingers are a tribute to the river’s bounty. We take the freshest catfish, hand-bread it in a seasoned coating, and fry it until it’s crispy on the outside and flaky on the inside. Paired with our homemade hushpuppies, it’s a dish that resonates with the spirit of Southern waters.


The BBQ Nachos are a canvas of flavors, colors, and textures. Choose from pulled pork, chicken, or brisket chili, then watch as we blanket them with melted cheddar and jack cheeses. The jalapeños add a spark, the green onions a bite, and the sour cream a cooling finish. Every forkful is laden with our promise of quality and a burst of flavors.


Our Caramelized Burnt Ends are a delicacy, the pièce de résistance of BBQ arts. Hickory-smoked Texas brisket ends are perfectly grilled and glazed with our Bourbon Molasses sauce. The result is a mélange of sweet, savory, and smoky, with a caramelized exterior that yields the most tender meat.


And then there are the Shakin’ Bacon Cheese Fries. A hearty helping of our crispy fries becomes the bedrock for a mountain of cheddar, jack cheeses, and crisp, smoky bacon. Served with a side of ranch, each forkful is a guilty pleasure, a blend of textures and tastes that’s impossible to resist.

At Red Hot & Blue, our starters are more than just an intro; they’re a full-on celebration of Southern gastronomy. These dishes set the stage for an unforgettable dining experience, where every flavor is bold, and every ingredient speaks of quality. Whether you’re a barbecue fan or a newcomer to Southern cuisine, our starters are designed to ignite your appetite and warm your soul.

So sit and prime that belly with some of our heartwarming starters. At Red Hot & Blue, every meal is a chance to feast, relish, and create memories around the love of good food. Welcome to our tradition, where every dish is served with Southern hospitality.